Westen Champlin

Westen Champlin

My name's Westen. We make videos and have fun doing so.



    1. Wren Scheidl

      Wren Scheidl

      10 jam yang lalu

      So Dom is under the Mustang, caught under the diff... the car is supported by a floor Jack. No jack stands or blocks?

    2. Turning Wrenches

      Turning Wrenches

      10 jam yang lalu

      The driver side door is dented

    3. The Cracken

      The Cracken

      10 jam yang lalu

      I’m in the “HELL YEAH LET’S DO IT” category.

    4. Dizzz127


      10 jam yang lalu

      I don’t even drive but I’m excited for this project. I want to see this thing in action once it’s completed.

    5. Jaxon Markey

      Jaxon Markey

      10 jam yang lalu

      that’s the same winch i have on my truck

    6. Nando


      10 jam yang lalu

      Where is Waylon?

    7. Auto Auction Rebuilds

      Auto Auction Rebuilds

      10 jam yang lalu

      That bad boy is getting so close!!!! Love it!!

    8. Zaptor


      10 jam yang lalu

      I think you should move to a warmer climate.

    9. MagniKhan


      10 jam yang lalu

      I expected the trans to be held up by bailing wire, guess that is old school.

    10. S H

      S H

      10 jam yang lalu

      Using just a plastic wheel chock as an axle stand 😩

    11. Jon Mark Roberson

      Jon Mark Roberson

      10 jam yang lalu

      Probably my favorite channel on IDplayer

    12. Matt Abbott

      Matt Abbott

      11 jam yang lalu

      You can call it Smokestang all you want... I will always refer to it as the Cumstang.

    13. Ethan Neumann

      Ethan Neumann

      11 jam yang lalu

      Do you have a schedule for uploading vids?

    14. Joseph Malinowski

      Joseph Malinowski

      11 jam yang lalu

      That is a nice trailer never seen one like that before that's a nice one

    15. callmenort nortin

      callmenort nortin

      11 jam yang lalu

      just a suggestion> Why not jack that wreck up high enough to fart when under it? Geeeeeeze c'mon guys !!

    16. Foxtrot Vet

      Foxtrot Vet

      11 jam yang lalu

      Put a hellephant instead

    17. J Nieto

      J Nieto

      11 jam yang lalu

      Were you eating Mexican food?!! My favorite, favorite. :)

    18. John DiMartino

      John DiMartino

      11 jam yang lalu

      What happened to the Raptor?

    19. Adaer H

      Adaer H

      11 jam yang lalu

      Thought you had a red go fast transmission for the mustang

    20. Rick Dude

      Rick Dude

      11 jam yang lalu

      Hmmm....crawling around under a car whilst supported by a lift jack makes me very, very nervous... had a car almost fall on me once...jacked it up...crawled under....realized I had the wrong sized socket for the universal joint...crawled back out to get another socket.... jack let go. I was 19. Still remember it like yesterday.

    21. Forrest Gump

      Forrest Gump

      11 jam yang lalu

      Should call this the frankenstang

    22. Nathan Haley

      Nathan Haley

      11 jam yang lalu

      I always enjoy y’all videos hopefully you have fun with the cumans swaps lol

    23. Syahiro


      11 jam yang lalu

      User:How many amps? Battery:yes

    24. Garrie Parsons

      Garrie Parsons

      11 jam yang lalu

      western and wayland comedy show while dom does all the work perfect show .......- )

    25. Garrie Parsons

      Garrie Parsons

      11 jam yang lalu

      bring WAYLAND BACK vote for him back on the channel ...... reply below to bring him back ......keep dom to do all the work ....

    26. James Garrett

      James Garrett

      11 jam yang lalu

      Weston love the build man. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see it rolling some coal. best IDplayerr by far

    27. Cedric Broussard

      Cedric Broussard

      11 jam yang lalu

      Hell yeah that's cool!!!

    28. Garrie Parsons

      Garrie Parsons

      11 jam yang lalu

      WHAT HAPPENED TO WAYLAND ???????????????? WHERE IS HE ???not got a real job now ? doesnt seem the same without you taking the pee out of him all day ......you must be making a fortune tho now your brothers doing all the work

    29. Izik Izik

      Izik Izik

      11 jam yang lalu

      2:10 i see a pack of swisher sweets you do smoke ahahah

    30. Morgan Chalifoux

      Morgan Chalifoux

      11 jam yang lalu

      This is gonna be a bitchin ride when it's done not a lot of cumstangs out there

    31. Dan Bartolini

      Dan Bartolini

      11 jam yang lalu

      Hey the trailer has 4 wheels again

    32. taco 8v

      taco 8v

      11 jam yang lalu

      Where is waylen did he quit or you fired him ?

    33. Russian Bot

      Russian Bot

      11 jam yang lalu

      9:44 something weighs More than Westin, I thought and he seemed to think with him standing on the other side of the trailer it would fall off, but noope, the Cummins Swapped mustang ate more than Westin.... a new first???!!!

    34. Dan Bartolini

      Dan Bartolini

      11 jam yang lalu

      Westen, Dalton, Wayland and Dom? Sounds like CW band

    35. Dan Bartolini

      Dan Bartolini

      11 jam yang lalu

      Oh the mistake stang

    36. t150k1


      11 jam yang lalu

      "Needless to say..." Your intro made me subscribe !!!

    37. Gilbert Dildine

      Gilbert Dildine

      11 jam yang lalu

      So happy to see you are working on it. Will we get to see it run? Drag strip?

    38. v6406Green


      11 jam yang lalu

      Please use some jack stands.

    39. SwizzyPlays


      12 jam yang lalu

      Add Casey’s contact info in the description please

    40. Rylan Henry

      Rylan Henry

      12 jam yang lalu

      Can't wait to see it when it's all done Weston..

    41. B MillHouse

      B MillHouse

      12 jam yang lalu

      Don’t want rubber on that cross member. Metal to metal.

    42. Cai Labertew

      Cai Labertew

      12 jam yang lalu

      West and you should go to Flyboys best restaurant in the world sylvan g Kansas

    43. Roy Kindrick

      Roy Kindrick

      12 jam yang lalu

      What happened to the Mustang GT you were going to rebuild before this Mustang?

    44. Billy Stover

      Billy Stover

      12 jam yang lalu

      Where’s the first gen?

    45. dt you

      dt you

      12 jam yang lalu

      Where is our discount

    46. John Grant

      John Grant

      12 jam yang lalu

      make it a 4WD and put a truck bed

    47. Robert Frisch

      Robert Frisch

      12 jam yang lalu

      Madison must be shy

    48. Imnottellin Udontwannaknow

      Imnottellin Udontwannaknow

      12 jam yang lalu

      Wait why are they removing the original gas tank.. can't you use diesel in it if you drain the tank?

    49. Hammerbeach


      12 jam yang lalu

      Can we have a full tour/update on all the vehicles you work on/own? Thanks for the great content W😉

    50. Samuel Alldredge

      Samuel Alldredge

      12 jam yang lalu

      Daily that beotch! I hate dodge but still know that thing is a golden nugget!!!

    51. Paul Mullins

      Paul Mullins

      12 jam yang lalu

      Looks good great video enjoyed watching keep up the great work

    52. Brody Steffey

      Brody Steffey

      12 jam yang lalu

      A good name for her is Cumstang

    53. joaninga1


      12 jam yang lalu

      Whats up with the GT?

    54. jeffnpatricia


      12 jam yang lalu

      5:23. Great now I have to pee

    55. eric geiser

      eric geiser

      12 jam yang lalu

      As a ford guy I love to see you put Cummins in fords

    56. Ethan Woods

      Ethan Woods

      12 jam yang lalu

      Feet pics??

    57. Cheryl c

      Cheryl c

      12 jam yang lalu

      The mustang going one bad b.... I can't wait 😁😁😁😁😁😁

    58. Nick Frazier

      Nick Frazier

      12 jam yang lalu

      it’s not a smokestang it’s a cumstang

    59. Jose Navarro

      Jose Navarro

      12 jam yang lalu

      I just wanna know what Westen did with the other vehicles he rebuilt 🤔

    60. Dont sell me901

      Dont sell me901

      12 jam yang lalu

      Who else saw the swisher pack at 2:22

    61. Ben


      12 jam yang lalu

      Everybody’s name is Dom and the FrankienStang is coming along!!

    62. Robert Chryssikos

      Robert Chryssikos

      12 jam yang lalu

      When you going to fix the ford

    63. Frank Schuller

      Frank Schuller

      12 jam yang lalu

      Is it a manual trans

    64. Juan Hinojosa

      Juan Hinojosa

      13 jam yang lalu

      what happen to whalen

    65. Andrew Christiansen

      Andrew Christiansen

      13 jam yang lalu

      Nope Ropes or Danger Noodles. Never in my life have I heard those words... LOL

    66. Russ Russell

      Russ Russell

      13 jam yang lalu

      Someone said you should do less goofing off. Hell no 😂

    67. Kilo777


      13 jam yang lalu

      I keep getting Facebook friends requests claiming it’s you, doing giving aways😂 Happens every time I like your posts in Facebook lol

    68. Tanner Thompson

      Tanner Thompson

      13 jam yang lalu

      Where’s Waylon at

    69. Dustin Huffman

      Dustin Huffman

      13 jam yang lalu

      Is it on...are we recording...???...where is waylon..??..This kid is awesome...lets plug this there and maybe this there...ok...turn key

    70. Andrew Christiansen

      Andrew Christiansen

      13 jam yang lalu

      4:02 "I like your style" LOL

    71. WIlliam Dusseau

      WIlliam Dusseau

      13 jam yang lalu

      The background siren did not bother me at all. Why does that sound bother you so much? :-)

    72. twohotgt4u warner

      twohotgt4u warner

      13 jam yang lalu

      About time we see the mustang. Dam boy you got to many projects. I'm just saying...

    73. vance boyer

      vance boyer

      13 jam yang lalu

      What jack stands. Better than having the Harbor Freight ones i guess

    74. DAN HUNIK


      13 jam yang lalu

      You need to call it the CumStang because it is a serious WTF is that car.

    75. Russell Brown

      Russell Brown

      13 jam yang lalu

      Love to watch this guy. U can tell he loves diesels!

    76. Im_Fester_Washington


      13 jam yang lalu

      Damn we’ll have to try to find another ford in it’s habitat. (Parked ford in background)

    77. william deasy

      william deasy

      13 jam yang lalu

      why don't they just put ford engines in to fords if they don't like them just buy cars with cummins engines

    78. CodyDoesIt


      13 jam yang lalu

      Its like the dinner 🔔

    79. Emmanuel Dipom

      Emmanuel Dipom

      13 jam yang lalu

      This is something that I want to do. That is so cool.🤩wowed

    80. Abdias Fernandez

      Abdias Fernandez

      13 jam yang lalu

      Good job

    81. Emmanuel Dipom

      Emmanuel Dipom

      13 jam yang lalu

      Thank you for what you do.

    82. John Cosner

      John Cosner

      13 jam yang lalu

      Where’s Waylon been?

    83. Pete Jeep

      Pete Jeep

      13 jam yang lalu


    84. Maynard Dubsky

      Maynard Dubsky

      13 jam yang lalu

      You should powerstroke swap a mustang next! There's a guy who did a Cummins charger and a duramax camaro but hasn't done a powerstroke mustang yet, and it would be awesome to see a guy like yourself pull it off first!

    85. peter rocco

      peter rocco

      13 jam yang lalu

      I agree with the safety stands. VERY dangerous. That's not even funny.

    86. Paul M

      Paul M

      13 jam yang lalu

      Loving the build. It’s starting to remind me of Johnny Cash’s song, “One Piece At a Time”

    87. Aaron Phillips

      Aaron Phillips

      13 jam yang lalu


    88. eye8chocolate


      13 jam yang lalu

      What’s the peterbuilt doing?

    89. cumminsboy2011


      13 jam yang lalu

      Where is the mustang gt

    90. Lucas Mayo

      Lucas Mayo

      13 jam yang lalu

      Can we make this car the MustCum

    91. simplemanduke


      13 jam yang lalu

      Another great video Sir

    92. Timmothy McCandless

      Timmothy McCandless

      13 jam yang lalu

      Your winch was almost as crooked as Hillary

    93. Hilltown


      14 jam yang lalu

      That Chevy piece will add years of reliability :-)

    94. Domenic Derrigo

      Domenic Derrigo

      14 jam yang lalu

      OMG>no jack stands under that thing ...o yea thats real F u n n y

    95. X x

      X x

      14 jam yang lalu

      Gata love that goonzquad music

    96. Stan Tate

      Stan Tate

      14 jam yang lalu

      PPE would be an excellent idea....

    97. simplemanduke


      14 jam yang lalu


    98. Jeff Rea

      Jeff Rea

      14 jam yang lalu

      "wha-choo talkin bout?"

    99. Jordy F

      Jordy F

      14 jam yang lalu

      "My belly is stuck on the rear diff" lol i said nobody ever til now

    100. Robert Brady

      Robert Brady

      14 jam yang lalu