Cancelled Game Consoles - Scott The Woz

Scott takes a look at consoles that just refuse to exist.
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Music Used:
"BGM #1" from Mario Paint
"Spark Mandrill" from Mega Man X
"Main Menu" from Atari Flashback Classics
"Stage 1" from Castlevania: The Adventure
"Stage 1" from Gunstar Heroes
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"Main Menu" from Mario Golf (N64)
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"3rd Gear Acquired!" from Drill Dozer
"Breakout" from 3D Dot Game Heroes


  1. Yujano


    10 jam yang lalu

    He says Scott here as it his crippling depression has been taken to the next level

  2. Roman Yemetz

    Roman Yemetz

    10 jam yang lalu

    Yeah, so although the Nintendo AirFryer never came out, and it morphed into the Sony AirFryer, I still prefer frying Robert Mapplethorpe's flowers in the Philips AirFryer-I.

  3. Nikola Perisic

    Nikola Perisic

    14 jam yang lalu

    Sega Pluton was canceled becuse people realise Pluton wasnt planet......yea.

  4. SuperJxl


    3 hari yang lalu

    Google didnt make a console. They made a platform. Stadia is a bit unique.

  5. Mortan Á. Mørk

    Mortan Á. Mørk

    4 hari yang lalu

    so sir, we found you havent paid taxes for 50 years I partnered with phillips

  6. Sean Finley

    Sean Finley

    6 hari yang lalu

    Isn't the Infinium basically what Steam ended up being?

  7. Jerry Riddle

    Jerry Riddle

    7 hari yang lalu

    “Nintendo partnered with Phillips” Well that explains how we got those terrible Zelda games on the CD-I

  8. []


    7 hari yang lalu

    6:13 I love how the red Japanese letters literally translate to “DO NOT PHOTOGRAPH”

  9. AlanDaDJ


    7 hari yang lalu

    EA should make their own platform, but only so that gamers can play every version of Madden 08 at the same time

  10. Markus Yagi

    Markus Yagi

    8 hari yang lalu

    5:59 the het was supposed to be an portable Nintendo playstation

  11. Metroidman


    10 hari yang lalu

    9:18 aborted fetus

  12. Peter Goldsmith

    Peter Goldsmith

    10 hari yang lalu

    The Miral actually came out as the XEGS.

  13. Jodee Rebecca Davey

    Jodee Rebecca Davey

    12 hari yang lalu

    I Had to Google it,But a Hologram’s Basically a Pop Out Photograph That Moves While a Holograph’s a Photograph That Doesn’t Pop Out,But it Does Move

  14. Haroen Eissa

    Haroen Eissa

    12 hari yang lalu

    I think I am supposed to hate Phillips. But the company basically built my city and put us on the map. So I am going to say something really controversial: I like Phillips. They are a great company.

  15. Antoine Randaddly

    Antoine Randaddly

    14 hari yang lalu

    "You ever use the Atari 2600 and say, 'I wish it would sit on my lap'?" Scott Wozniak 2019

  16. Sean Wilkinson

    Sean Wilkinson

    14 hari yang lalu

    The clueless, gormless dorkii with their "git rich quick offa them newfangled viddagames the kids lurve nowadays" approach that spewed forth the hideous Action 52 carts and pie-in-the-sky Cheetahmen multimedia franchise, had yet another bizarre concept in mind that, thankfully, was only a silly paper tiger unrooted in reality - the Action Game Master portable multi-system. Look it up and be prepared to laugh derisively at the company's naïvete.

  17. Frost Quake

    Frost Quake

    15 hari yang lalu

    Scott the Woz is the IDplayer master of the non sequitur review joke. At the bottom of that tier you've got the AVGN, a brilliant reviewer and film maker who nevertheless writes mostly coherent if anger-riddled scripts. Then there's Caddicarus, a hilarious reviewer who occasionally makes random comments and genuinely funny remarks that make little sense relevant to the topic at hand. And at the top, there's Scott. "You guys know me! I LOVE game consoles with names that sound like airports!" How does your brain function, Scott? Lol.

  18. Absolus


    16 hari yang lalu

    its like making fun of a foetus - scott 2019

  19. Smellbringer


    17 hari yang lalu

    "Its like making fun of a fetus." How do you know what I do with my days off?

  20. LowKey LowKey

    LowKey LowKey

    17 hari yang lalu

    Assuming Scott didn't have a stroke and is not being funny. It is pronounced Jag-Gwar.

  21. Josh Meserve

    Josh Meserve

    17 hari yang lalu

    Scott you have to pay for those water bottles

  22. Minecrafter Pictures

    Minecrafter Pictures

    20 hari yang lalu

    The Nintendo PlayStation evolved to the PlayStation 1.

    • Minecrafter Pictures

      Minecrafter Pictures

      15 hari yang lalu

      @Fox McFog Yes

    • Fox McFog

      Fox McFog

      15 hari yang lalu


  23. Zachmartinsmusic


    21 hari yang lalu

    Cant wait for the sega uranus

  24. NC561 9

    NC561 9

    21 hari yang lalu

    I really wish there was a sega Uranus

  25. Justin Baker

    Justin Baker

    23 hari yang lalu

    1:18 please don’t give them ideas

  26. Ryan Whitelaw

    Ryan Whitelaw

    25 hari yang lalu

    What the fuck is a Jagwire ?

  27. OptimusPhillip


    25 hari yang lalu

    Didnt the Phillips deal lead to the CDi?

  28. BoltxChaos64


    25 hari yang lalu

    Scott must have a lot of props that he uses

  29. MushroomsMaster - JAYU

    MushroomsMaster - JAYU

    27 hari yang lalu


  30. Weird Gamer

    Weird Gamer

    29 hari yang lalu

    An EA game system would probably cost $600 at launch, every game would cost $100, and there would be a $200 a year subscription fee to play any games

  31. Casen Jones

    Casen Jones

    Bulan Yang lalu

    You could of made the title and thumbnail really clickbait but didn't. I respect that

  32. Gabriel Napierala

    Gabriel Napierala

    Bulan Yang lalu

    The Atari mirai is definitely a prototype of the Atari Xegs

  33. Loch32


    Bulan Yang lalu

    The real question: is it hey y'all or hey all Hey yall Edit: I put on caption and I was wrong its hey all

  34. cheeser


    Bulan Yang lalu

    yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaah drill dozer music!

  35. Insert Good Name here

    Insert Good Name here

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Wasnt also the sega Uranus another sega console cancelled?

  36. Cain Maude

    Cain Maude

    Bulan Yang lalu

    I'm surprised the virtual boy wasn't mentioned

  37. matt Marshall

    matt Marshall

    Bulan Yang lalu

    I don't even worry about game consoles anymore I just play my Gameboy and leave it at that

  38. TheNintendoShow


    Bulan Yang lalu

    me watching scott make fun of game console fetus: F U N N Y B O I

  39. carlosfer2201


    Bulan Yang lalu

    'I don't want to make fun of consoles that never released' ok 'It's like making fun of a fetus.' What kind of fetus never released Scott? You cornered yourself with that joke XD

  40. Mish Wish

    Mish Wish

    Bulan Yang lalu

    The most expensive system I owned at the time was 3do Panasonic. Shit was awesome tho I had some dope horrow games

  41. R1sky B1z

    R1sky B1z

    Bulan Yang lalu

    I am aroused (sexually) am in drug and am trolling whilst jerking off and crying (simultaneously) and also on drugs. I also highly approve of this video's.

  42. Arthur Luna

    Arthur Luna

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Sega Neptune and Pluto died like brave soldiers who didn't even seen the light. F

  43. Rockmanundertalesonic2736


    Bulan Yang lalu

    6:02 it’s safe

  44. Gh Lang

    Gh Lang

    Bulan Yang lalu

    "The Wii U actually released. What did you do today?" Such a great insult.

  45. Shibathedog


    Bulan Yang lalu

    lmao the phantom i remember the media coverage of that going from "holy crap this will be awesome if it comes out!" to "this will never come out why are our publishers making us cover this" and using duke nukem forever in the same sentence.

  46. Leolavalord


    Bulan Yang lalu

    9:36 nice

  47. Harrison Melegari

    Harrison Melegari

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Actually the Saturn did do well in Japan and was a pretty good console but only failed because Sega sucks at marketing

    • Kylie McInnes

      Kylie McInnes

      Bulan Yang lalu

      The shitty North American launch is what doomed the Saturn. Also, "$299."

  48. Twinrehz


    Bulan Yang lalu

    Why is that Hasbro-console named "Toaster"??

  49. DeAngelo Gore

    DeAngelo Gore

    2 bulan yang lalu

    3:16 WOAH

  50. unusualGuy


    2 bulan yang lalu

    1,000,000th viewerrrr

  51. Plushie Master

    Plushie Master

    2 bulan yang lalu


  52. Oliver Savage

    Oliver Savage

    2 bulan yang lalu

    At 8.27 did anyone else notice that the hasbro vr console was called toaster

    • Plushie Master

      Plushie Master

      2 bulan yang lalu

      No I didn't

  53. Jackson Goad

    Jackson Goad

    2 bulan yang lalu

    1:58 I don't like the way this console is looking at me.

  54. Aidan Drotzur

    Aidan Drotzur

    2 bulan yang lalu

    Nice mario paint theme

  55. Bjack 831

    Bjack 831

    2 bulan yang lalu

    Apparently when nintendo announced a partnership with phillips they didnt tell sony and that was considered a big humilliation in japanesy culture so thats why sony became such a big competitor to nintendo

    • DrMegaSteve


      Bulan Yang lalu

      And with Phillips We got Zelda CDI

  56. Wolfette Plays

    Wolfette Plays

    2 bulan yang lalu


  57. Gamer Rat

    Gamer Rat

    2 bulan yang lalu

    Scott: It's like making fun of a fetus. Me: **sweating**

  58. Vader Blaster

    Vader Blaster

    2 bulan yang lalu

    Mom: Why is she giving you a blowjob!? Me: *I partnered with Phillip's*

  59. Mr_ Hentai_God

    Mr_ Hentai_God

    2 bulan yang lalu

    Neptune was canceled Neptune: *sad neps*

  60. Dieter Southfield

    Dieter Southfield

    2 bulan yang lalu

    "Atari on my lap" Where do i sign?

  61. Dennis Misoles

    Dennis Misoles

    2 bulan yang lalu

    You remind me of Doug Demuro who reviews cars. Very good reviews and your voice is very clear with simple set-up 👍

  62. pumpkinslayer77


    2 bulan yang lalu

    Wait, you guys don’t make fun of fetuses?!

  63. toast


    2 bulan yang lalu

    You're so stupid in a good way me brain make laff

  64. Thomas Joe

    Thomas Joe

    2 bulan yang lalu

    The Atari wireless controller did come out, its on a episode of avgn

  65. Aiden Magro

    Aiden Magro

    2 bulan yang lalu

    5:44 Woowoo was already copyrighted "DAMNIT!"

  66. Zer0 Bl4aze

    Zer0 Bl4aze

    2 bulan yang lalu

    How have I never seen this episode?

  67. Scienceboy 1377

    Scienceboy 1377

    2 bulan yang lalu

    Games get cancelled So do *babies*

  68. Robert McEachern

    Robert McEachern

    2 bulan yang lalu

    I didn't realize there was a Panasonic GameCube. Is there enough stuff like that for a video about it?

  69. KIPMUS


    2 bulan yang lalu

    France: Why are you invading us? Nazi Germany: We partnered with Phillips

  70. Cantinflas 007

    Cantinflas 007

    2 bulan yang lalu

    The new super Nintendo wii switch cube U 64 DS lite

  71. M3rtyville


    2 bulan yang lalu

    Man, I kinda wish the Neptune was released. It has an amazing design and I want to play Knuckle's Chaotics. (Why isn't this game ported yet?) The closest thing we have to that console is a reference in a game named Hyperdimension Neptunia but... it's like some anime game with girlbots that represent video game consoles...

  72. General Waste

    General Waste

    2 bulan yang lalu

    The Jagwire? What is this?

  73. Harry O'Donovan

    Harry O'Donovan

    2 bulan yang lalu

    If sega kept going We’ll be playing the Uranus

  74. 2LT Sheridan

    2LT Sheridan

    2 bulan yang lalu

    Holographic or similar weapons sights were developed as early as fighter planes existed, AKA pre WW2 Scott. Seriously. C'mon now.

  75. Gh Lang

    Gh Lang

    2 bulan yang lalu

    Funny how the Atari Mirai was cancelled since the word "mirai" is Japanese for "future."

  76. Susan Tuna

    Susan Tuna

    2 bulan yang lalu

    Sega Neptune or more like nepu nepu

  77. Golden Yoshi

    Golden Yoshi

    2 bulan yang lalu

    3:24 instead of 3 insert Scott and sex

  78. SpikerDragon95


    2 bulan yang lalu

    4:06 I laugh soo hard at the face he make

  79. the real live kings

    the real live kings

    2 bulan yang lalu

    I would like to see a new sega console

  80. Juan Gonzalez

    Juan Gonzalez

    2 bulan yang lalu

    “I mean EA could probably put out their own platform if they wanted to, but I have multiple questions and they’re all why would they do that.”