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Grab a cup of tea and a snack while I geek out about my favorite TV shows for 29 minutes :) If you’ve been looking for a way to pass the time in quarantine, and have already baked 5 loaves of banana bread, hopefully something I recommended caught your eye! I chat about everything from sit coms to crime shows to stand up comedians, so whether you’re looking for something intense and action-packed or relaxing, I got you :)
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Fleabag (BBC)
Crashing (BBC, available on Netflix)
Fargo (FX, available on Hulu)
Love (Netflix)
New Girl (FOX, available on Netflix)
Parks and Recreation (NBC, available on Netflix + Hulu)
30 Rock (NBC, available on Hulu)
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)
Sex and the City (HBO)
House (FOX)
Bojack Horseman (Netflix)
John Mulaney Stand Up (Netflix)
Big Mouth (Netflix)
Daniel Sloss’s Jigsaw (Netflix)
Katherine Ryan Stand Up (Netflix)
Bo Burnham’s Make Happy (Netflix)
Year and Years (HBO)
The Girlfriend Experience (Starz)
Maniac (Netflix)
Big Little Lies (HBO)
Better Call Saul (AMC, available on Netflix)
Bo Burnham podcast ➭
great days by joakim karud (
charlie brown’s day off by louie zong (
what’s your name? ashley
what’s your instagram? @best.dressed
how old are you? 22 (born in 1998)
how tall are you? 5'5"
what’s your ethnicity? half british and half burmese
what equipment do you use to film?
➭ main camera: panasonic lumix gh5s (
➭ 8-18 mm lens (
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➭ mic: rode videomic pro+ (
➭ vlog camera: canon powershot g7x mark ii (
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FTC: Not sponsored. Some of the above links are affiliate links, meaning I earn a small percentage of sales made via those links, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra!


  1. Roya Lippe

    Roya Lippe

    9 jam yang lalu

    I would highly recommend "Normal People" on Hulu! It's such a beautiful show, and the characters are so interesting. I think it's really well written, and even though the two main characters are very flawed in many ways, you still care about them and their relationship with each other. It's kind of depressing, but it's so great. Also they're Irish and I just love their accents.

  2. Jamie Wardell

    Jamie Wardell

    9 jam yang lalu

    I just finished bojack horseman in less then a week, so good

  3. Summertee


    9 jam yang lalu

    All this video has told me is that I need to hear an extremely in depth review of euphoria

  4. Lauren Ryan

    Lauren Ryan

    10 jam yang lalu

    I am SO happy to hear someone talk about Maniac!! Such a great, psychological show.. def worth a watch yall.

  5. David Edoh

    David Edoh

    10 jam yang lalu

    Just the clips you showed from Fleabag had me laughing already. I really enjoyed Big Little Lies and Maniac when I watched them. On a different note though, I don't know any man (personally) that has such a fantasy or is excited by that. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1220">20:20</a>

  6. Gladys Salazar

    Gladys Salazar

    10 jam yang lalu

    I definitely recommend Succession (HBO) im so obsessed with everything in it, the writing, the acting, and the cast are the best

  7. lowtoplanet


    10 jam yang lalu

    *back in the 90's i was in a very famous tv show*

  8. Denise Cabrera

    Denise Cabrera

    11 jam yang lalu

    After ur intro: damn

  9. Cansin Gumus

    Cansin Gumus

    11 jam yang lalu

    i Love parks and rec

  10. Genevieve Villarreal

    Genevieve Villarreal

    11 jam yang lalu

    Ashley watch alias grace on Netflix! its a period piece of a woman who might have murdered her bosses!

  11. Katie Nelson

    Katie Nelson

    11 jam yang lalu

    no offense gus lowkey an incel.

  12. Loura Alyahya

    Loura Alyahya

    12 jam yang lalu


  13. Hannah H

    Hannah H

    12 jam yang lalu

    Schitt's Creek is currently my favorite show and I 100% recommend it!

  14. Planned By Jysla

    Planned By Jysla

    12 jam yang lalu

    Ugh I loved Fleabag so much! The writing and humour is so refreshing and laugh out loud funny.

  15. fatma erwi

    fatma erwi

    12 jam yang lalu

    I recommend rectify..such a great show that rearly I see anyone talk about.

  16. Nicole Nehrkorn

    Nicole Nehrkorn

    12 jam yang lalu

    Lost in space is super good (it's on netflix)

  17. Margaret Brigham

    Margaret Brigham

    12 jam yang lalu

    love is SO GOOD

  18. Ellery Gee

    Ellery Gee

    12 jam yang lalu

    I recommend this tv show on netflix called atypical about a family and the son has autism. it's so relatable and it's the type of show that makes you laugh and cry. i love it so much because you can really connect to the characters and i like how atypical makes the character imperfect and somehow it just feels real.

  19. Cathy Hayhoe

    Cathy Hayhoe

    13 jam yang lalu

    For movies you should watch obvious child!

  20. Caraline Stovall

    Caraline Stovall

    13 jam yang lalu

    Fun fact, Gone Girl was filmed in my small little town

  21. Roselie Hernandez

    Roselie Hernandez

    13 jam yang lalu

    The Girlfriend Experience is the most underrated show ever. I accidentally started watching it one day and loved everything about it. Everyone I tell about it just looks at me like I’m crazy for watching what sounds like soft porn. They don’t get it.

  22. love, ella

    love, ella

    13 jam yang lalu

    anyone else have another tab open slowly adding the ones that look cool to their list

  23. Marianne W. Moreira

    Marianne W. Moreira

    13 jam yang lalu

    your makeup is really pretty today

  24. Donia


    13 jam yang lalu

    Clicked for Bojack 🐴

  25. Savannah Shippy

    Savannah Shippy

    13 jam yang lalu

    SHE’S GOTTA HAVE IT! the netflix series, not the movie. it’s quirky, bold, artsy, and progressive. it is my favorite series and it has been for years.

  26. Azza Siddiqui

    Azza Siddiqui

    13 jam yang lalu

    You should watch derry girls its so good and well made!

  27. blackout156


    14 jam yang lalu

    tht intro was intense

  28. Kimberley Truong

    Kimberley Truong

    14 jam yang lalu

    Would be interested to know what you think of „Parasite“? ☺️

  29. Jeslyn Lane

    Jeslyn Lane

    14 jam yang lalu

    uhhhh can we ship Bo Burnham and Ashley now please!?

  30. anadusao


    14 jam yang lalu

    Watch the tv show "Dark" !! It's on netflix and German and truly one of the best tv show i have ever seen!

  31. Margit Kienzl

    Margit Kienzl

    14 jam yang lalu

    how do I say this: either we're both hella basic or just have 10/10 compatibility in taste? it's freaky how much overlap there is here. since i not only knew all of the things mentioned but also feel the same thing everything mentioned. get out of my brain Ash!!! only one question: WHERE'S KILLING EVE? packed with all this female rage and european travel???

  32. Rachna Kapoor

    Rachna Kapoor

    14 jam yang lalu

    You don't like the office :(

  33. trailerhomeboyfriend


    14 jam yang lalu

    Derry Girls on Netflix is fucking amazing. it's a comedy set in 90s Northern Ireland and its so fucking hilarious. it follows four teen girls who attend and all girls catholic school and the series begins with Michelle's English male cousin joining their school. if you're Irish, you grew up catholic, or even just know people who are catholic, you'll love it. Honestly, if you're anyone you'll love it because its fucking hilarious. Some of my favorite quotes: "incoming ride, I repeat incoming ride." "I don't smoke I just like meltin stuff." "We met at the stations of the cross!" "What station?" "Jesus falls the second time." "christ, da, I could do without the details." *aunt Sarah taking change from the collection basket* "You can't ring childlike every time your ma threatens to kill you, Erin." "I can't be doing with the wee clock, gerry!" "Motherfuckas!" "If anyone is feeling anxious, worried or maybe you just want a chat, please, please do not come crying to me." "I will buck a French lad so help me God!"

  34. Virginia Attardi

    Virginia Attardi

    14 jam yang lalu

    I’m so happy you talked about bojack horseman. I feel like it doesn’t get enough attention (I feel dumb explaining it too😂)

  35. Abby Sheremeta

    Abby Sheremeta

    14 jam yang lalu

    OMG have you watched "Please Like Me"????? Sooooo good.

  36. e.knowles


    15 jam yang lalu

    Surprised you didnt mention The Night Of on HBO

  37. pokemon9oct


    15 jam yang lalu

    BBC Sherlock! (It's on Netflix) you won't regret it 😜

  38. Lauren Mojarro

    Lauren Mojarro

    15 jam yang lalu

    PLEASE watch The Handmaids Tale on Hulu it will change your life

  39. Vicky Kal

    Vicky Kal

    15 jam yang lalu

    maybe you should do this again, but with shows that are not criminal, dark humour and sci fi. maybe some old movies would be nice. just some of us are not THAT into those things😓 this is NOT a hate comment just a suggestion

  40. Margaret Golonka

    Margaret Golonka

    15 jam yang lalu

    If you like innovative comedy, I'd highly recommend Hannah Gadsby's "Nanette" on Netflix! It's an excellent, excellent comedy special which both funny and interesting. A big point in her show is discussing the blurred lines between self-deprecating humor and self-hatred, and she discusses it in a way that is both heartbreaking and healing.

  41. Madeleine Manno

    Madeleine Manno

    15 jam yang lalu

    if someone can help me out and tell me some good recs for historical/period dramas. like I love anne with an e, Victoria, and more. also movies like emma and sense and sensibility are amazing. someone please help a girl out❤️🥺

  42. Hannah A

    Hannah A

    15 jam yang lalu

    Love this video!!! thank you but I'm surprised (This is us), (The Affair) and (Masters of Sex) aren't on the list

  43. Emree Culver

    Emree Culver

    15 jam yang lalu

    Sex Education is so good and I just wanted to suggest it to everyone.

  44. Drew the cat

    Drew the cat

    15 jam yang lalu

    This is like that moment when someone tells you to watch a show and you really really want to but you end up never watching it - extreme edition

  45. Dez


    16 jam yang lalu

    These killing children jokes are a little concerning lol

  46. Katie Latta

    Katie Latta

    16 jam yang lalu

    you should watch monk!!

  47. gulfira alimu

    gulfira alimu

    16 jam yang lalu

    I watched this video yesterday, and I finished Maniac not long ago, just a great show!!

  48. Emilija


    16 jam yang lalu

    watch Sweetbitter just for the vibe PLEASE

  49. Marissa Sharp

    Marissa Sharp

    16 jam yang lalu

    I feel like Ashley would love Broad city if she hasn’t seen it already. One of my favorite shows I miss it so much 😭😭😭

  50. Naela Farage

    Naela Farage

    16 jam yang lalu

    Man I freakin love you. I know you upload once a week so I often will watch half a video when it comes out then finish it later on in the week just to cherish all of your amazing Ashley-ness

  51. Kaelyn Tai

    Kaelyn Tai

    16 jam yang lalu

    I feel like she could potentially like The Magicians because it just gives an expression of real life in this high, elevated magical world with magicians. It's got a diverse (ish) cast and really isn't scared of breaking a lot of boundaries. I don't know, I just really like it.

  52. cheska sajot

    cheska sajot

    16 jam yang lalu

    when she started talking abt women characters written by men.....I FELT THAT!!!!! only realized this recently as well. very few women characters written by men ever really resonate w me but for obvious reasons those written by women even in tv film books...were characters i loved!!! loved that she brought this up

  53. Iris Brouwer

    Iris Brouwer

    17 jam yang lalu

    You should watch Workin’ Moms on Netflix! It was created and written by Catherine Reitman, who also stars in the show. Also, 70% of the crew on the show are female and so is most of the cast. The show paints a really good picture of the hardships of being a mom while building a career plus it is super funny and relatable. Highly recommend!

  54. isolanni


    17 jam yang lalu

    Fleabag, Crashing, UKS, P&R, Bojack,Maniac and 30R are my personal favorites. Have you not seen PWaller-B's, "Killing Eve"? It's terrific! I tried BigMouth, but found it offensive. Thanks for some new ideas! We have similar tastes.

  55. Sabrina Jordan

    Sabrina Jordan

    17 jam yang lalu

    For those lucky enough to mooch off of their pal's apple+, watch For All Mankind! you won't regret it :)

  56. Destiny B

    Destiny B

    17 jam yang lalu

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="782">13:02</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="793">13:13</a>, it’s like I’m in AP lit all over again 😂

  57. Radka Šulcová

    Radka Šulcová

    17 jam yang lalu


  58. Sabrina Ann

    Sabrina Ann

    17 jam yang lalu

    Please try out Succession as well!!! Its a drama-satire with amazing character development and dialog-play! You'll love it

  59. Christine Phillips

    Christine Phillips

    18 jam yang lalu

    I always suggest sex education and end of the f***ing world. Two really strong Netflix shows that tackle v interesting subjects.

  60. Bojana Vojinović

    Bojana Vojinović

    18 jam yang lalu

    Ok, ik people are writting tv shows that you can watch, but imma give you an app where you can watch any tv show, movie, animated films and tv shows, reality shows... It's called Movie Box Lite and i used it for little more than a year and it has all new movie and tv shows. And It's free!! I highly recommend it 😁

  61. Andrei


    18 jam yang lalu

    Recommending Reply 1988 (Netflix) for anyone who loves nostalgia, family, genuine fun, and relaxing and cozy vibes. It's a Korean television series and it might be my favorite one to date.

  62. Stephanie Rogge

    Stephanie Rogge

    18 jam yang lalu

    Modern Love, I enjoyed this series so much I watched it in one sitting. It's so authentic real gritty and emotional, well because I guess it is. I cried at every episode and that felt great for me. oh and how could i forget unorthodox and while your at it read the book too it's beyond worth it and you'd enjoy the "finding your voice as a woman" aspect also the whole show was created by 90% women.

  63. Anna Marker

    Anna Marker

    18 jam yang lalu

    I've been on TikTok way too much lately. I missed IDplayer and all the positive comments and videos, all while still having that real person to viewer experience that movies and series don’t have. This is great :)

  64. Ira Shorina

    Ira Shorina

    19 jam yang lalu

    1. outer banks!!! a new show on netflix where the characters are trying to unravel the mystery of a treasure. so, so good! 2. high fidelity with zoe kravitz's character who owns the record shop and making the playlist throughout the whole series and trying to analyze her past relationships 3. i have a feeling that you'll like it ashley!! the series called 'bonding', without further explanation, just watch the trailer! 4. grace and frankie, a comedy about two elderly women 5. aaand the last one is a documentary which is called inside bill's brain on netflix, this one depicts the life of Bill Gates and his thinking process/patterns, attitudes and habits and how he comes up with creative ideas.

  65. Sahara Asher

    Sahara Asher

    19 jam yang lalu

    First of all, I LOVE your channel. You are such an amazing youtuber. I just wanted you to know that even though you’re facing all this criticism, you should never give up. You are AMAZING. I think you should make a video or a post apologizing for any mistakes you might have made (you don’t have to be perfect) so you can move on from this. Thanks for being and inspiration!

  66. yroohj gouy

    yroohj gouy

    19 jam yang lalu

    you should watch "can't cope, won't cope" on netflix, it's like if "love" and "bojack horseman" had a show baby.

  67. Sofia T

    Sofia T

    19 jam yang lalu

    I would recommend modern romance, she’s gotta have it, chewing gum, easy, crazy ex girlfriend, disenchantment, Russian doll, also if you like getting heavily invested into characters and the crying about them def watch anime (naruto, one piece, hunterxhunter, fairy tail)

  68. Denise B.

    Denise B.

    19 jam yang lalu

    you immediately earned my trust when you mentioned fleabag

    • yroohj gouy

      yroohj gouy

      19 jam yang lalu

      Depressing shows are fun to watch because theire are so many layers in those shows and it's more real than other shows (my opinion)

  69. Sofia T

    Sofia T

    19 jam yang lalu

    The end of bojack really messed me up, I was in a constant state of tears

  70. poppy seed

    poppy seed

    19 jam yang lalu

    I watched fleabag and I think it changed me

  71. Shannon Wong

    Shannon Wong

    19 jam yang lalu

    sis, go off on LALALAND, rip it a new one!

  72. Anagha Prasad

    Anagha Prasad

    19 jam yang lalu

    I watched Fleabag because of your recommendation and I think I found my new favorite show. IT WAS SO GOOOOOD I WANT MORE

  73. dorra bardi

    dorra bardi

    19 jam yang lalu

    U should watch "Anne with an e" and " good girls"

  74. Sucy Cheng

    Sucy Cheng

    19 jam yang lalu

    Can I just say *BO BURNHAM* okay but who doesn't love him uwu

  75. E Rain

    E Rain

    20 jam yang lalu

    put a finger down if... everything you said about female writing is true

  76. Bonkers


    20 jam yang lalu

    PLEASE START A PODCAST I’ve watched all your videos like this about a million times an I would love for u to do more

  77. Catherine Hill

    Catherine Hill

    20 jam yang lalu

    I Am Not Okay With This (Netflix)

  78. Emma-Leigh Nissen

    Emma-Leigh Nissen

    20 jam yang lalu

    I think you'd enjoy F is for family

  79. Hada Martinez Robles

    Hada Martinez Robles

    20 jam yang lalu

    Hi! I'm a little bit late for this video but I relate with a lot of the series you've brought up. So I thought it could be interesting to give you some recommendations. I love those type of indie shows where you can find a good drama history, cinematography and acting but also some politics. With that been said, I recommend you some series that are feminist and LGTBI+ based: Glow, Pose, She's gotta have it and Transparent (except for the last season because they supported the ilegitimate state of Israel). Sorry for my english and thanks for the video!

  80. Gari Custodio

    Gari Custodio

    20 jam yang lalu

    I HIGHLY recommend watching Netflix’s “Sense8” the show follows 8 people all over the world who one day discover that they are connected to one another and can feel and see the things that they experience. The way the show discusses human relationships and connections is really heartwarming but the show also stays exciting due to the fact that there are people hunting the main characters down because of their connection to one another. The scale of the show is amazing, they filmed on set in more than 8 different countries, and the message that it sends out about humanity and how we all go through life feeling the same emotions, in one way or another, no matter how different we may seem from one another (the characters are also all very well developed and established). The show is so well thought out and the pre-production must have been so meticulously done especially with the filming schedule. I couldn’t recommend this show enough!!! Disclaimer: the deep and literal connection of the 8 main chars may lead u to feel a bit loNesoMe at times and make you wish you have what they do as well HAHAHA

    • Gari Custodio

      Gari Custodio

      19 jam yang lalu

      froncifresh i think the world desErVes a season 3 😔

    • froncifresh


      19 jam yang lalu

      I'm still sad :(