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Jaws (1975) - You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat Scene (4/10) | Movieclips

Jaws movie clips:
The crew gets their first face-to-face look at the massive shark.
Based on Peter Benchley's best-selling novel, Steven Spielberg's 1975 shark saga set the standard for the New Hollywood popcorn blockbuster while frightening millions of moviegoers out of the water. One early summer night on fictional Atlantic resort Amity Island, Chrissie decides to take a moonlight skinny dip while her friends party on the beach. Yanked suddenly below the ocean surface, she never returns. When pieces of her wash ashore, Police Chief Brody (Roy Scheider) suspects the worst, but Mayor Vaughn (Murray Hamilton), mindful of the lucrative tourist trade and the approaching July 4th holiday, refuses to put the island on a business-killing shark alert. After the shark dines on a few more victims, the Mayor orders the local fishermen to catch the culprit. Satisfied with the shark they find, the greedy Mayor reopens the beaches, despite the warning from visiting ichthyologist Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) that the attacks were probably caused by a far more formidable Great White. One more fatality later, Brody and Hooper join forces with flinty old salt Quint (Robert Shaw), the only local fisherman willing to take on a Great White--especially since the price is right. The three ride off on Quint's boat "The Orca," soon coming face to teeth with the enemy.
TM & © Universal (1975)
Cast: Richard Dreyfuss, Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw
Director: Steven Spielberg
Producers: Richard D. Zanuck, David Brown
Screenwriters: Peter Benchley, Carl Gottlieb
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  1. Corey Cuellar

    Corey Cuellar

    3 jam yang lalu

    Some of the best acting in the history of history

  2. Jongle Wongle

    Jongle Wongle

    Hari Yang lalu

    And what did that idiot Hooper [ Richard Dreyfuss ] think it was ? A school of mackeral, when he was on his own vessel with all his sonar and radar. And a marlin, or a sword fish, or gaming fish, earlier on aboard the Orca.

  3. Norville Rogers

    Norville Rogers

    Hari Yang lalu

    50BMG as it passes the boat... no problem

  4. Steve Logan

    Steve Logan

    Hari Yang lalu

    You know, just in case, anyone think of bringing an AK- 47 with about 500 rounds, lol.

  5. Jean Pierre Wehry

    Jean Pierre Wehry

    Hari Yang lalu

    They really don't make them like this anymore. One of the greatest movies ever made. RIP Roy Schieder and Robert Shaw. The last legend we have is Richard Dreyfuss.

  6. sonny corleone

    sonny corleone

    Hari Yang lalu

    One of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite all time movies. Classic through and through. I alway's Liked Roy Scheider . He Should of been a Bigger Star ! Roy also did "Jaws 2" "The "French Connection" "The Seven Ups" "Klute". I also agree with some other people here. How did Robert Shaw not recieve an Oscar nomination for his role ?? Beats me. Thanks for the upload.

  7. NoAimNeeded 69 Productions

    NoAimNeeded 69 Productions

    3 hari yang lalu

    When he said we’re gonna need a bigger boat it wasn’t part of the script because during the making of the movie he thought the boat was too small that they needed a bigger boat

  8. Homer Exposeskids

    Homer Exposeskids

    3 hari yang lalu

    When jaws popped his head out for a sec, it reminds me of my crazy neighbor poking his head out the window promptly and swiftly.

  9. label1877


    3 hari yang lalu

    The sheriff had the opportunity to jump onto and attack the shark. Why didn’t he?

  10. David Rawson

    David Rawson

    4 hari yang lalu

    Great film great cast It's like a fine wine it just gets better



    4 hari yang lalu

    I still CANNOT BELIEVE SHAW didn't get an OSCAR nomination.

    • sonny corleone

      sonny corleone

      Hari Yang lalu

      Carl, I agree with you. I alway's thought that.

  12. UselessMedia!


    5 hari yang lalu

    Sharks are amazing creatures. We are in their territory, not vice versa....

  13. Ricardo Martinez

    Ricardo Martinez

    5 hari yang lalu

    They're showing old movies right now at my local theater and I've watched Jaws many times but never in theaters and man it made me jump a few times big difference WOW

  14. Nathaniel Lionheart

    Nathaniel Lionheart

    6 hari yang lalu

    Dreyfuss, Schneider and Shaw!! Wow!!

  15. Brandon gaming TV

    Brandon gaming TV

    7 hari yang lalu

    0:33 instant classic.

  16. J S

    J S

    7 hari yang lalu

    Fun Fact: "You're Going to need a bigger boat!" Was not in the original script. Scheider improvised the line.

  17. Sam Alvey

    Sam Alvey

    7 hari yang lalu

    I'd have gone with a battleship, personally. Packing a 25mm cannon and 4-inch thick hull plating just to be safe.

  18. Lukáš Semecký

    Lukáš Semecký

    10 hari yang lalu

    I don't know why, but this film has such a cryptozoological vibe and I love it

  19. Diesel


    11 hari yang lalu

    I watched this in 1981 when I was 6. Freaked me out. I just let my 6 year old daughter watch it a couple weeks ago. It freaked her out and she called everyone dumb for being in the water lol

  20. Grim Foxy

    Grim Foxy

    11 hari yang lalu

    R.I.P. Roy Scheider (1932-2008)

  21. Michael Cresenciano Dizon

    Michael Cresenciano Dizon

    11 hari yang lalu

    brody literally means he needs a ship 🔥🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂😂

  22. Lukáš Semecký

    Lukáš Semecký

    11 hari yang lalu

    Bruce was still a dwarf compared to shark god Niuhi from Hawaii

  23. RKL 42

    RKL 42

    12 hari yang lalu

    Do you know the muffin man?

  24. StrnFn9099


    13 hari yang lalu

    Spielberg was only 28yrs old when he did this.

  25. david robson

    david robson

    13 hari yang lalu

    I'm gonna need a bigger comment!

  26. Supercar taro

    Supercar taro

    16 hari yang lalu


  27. Supercar taro

    Supercar taro

    16 hari yang lalu


  28. Alan Davis

    Alan Davis

    16 hari yang lalu

    The shark reminds me of my ex-wife

  29. Spenser


    17 hari yang lalu

    The music at 1:09 is so great.

  30. Adam Thegoat

    Adam Thegoat

    19 hari yang lalu

    I was very surprised of how big the shark Was.

  31. Joey Smith

    Joey Smith

    19 hari yang lalu




    19 hari yang lalu

    The way he stands up. Not a word is spoken,yet...we know what he's feeling.

  33. Owen Dixon

    Owen Dixon

    21 hari yang lalu

    0:18 no reaction could be better for this scene



    21 hari yang lalu

    EPIC! Never gets old!

  35. Randy Woodworth

    Randy Woodworth

    21 hari yang lalu

    The moment you wished you had burt gummer's anti-tank rifle from Tremors 2.

  36. BroncoBillieBeastie


    21 hari yang lalu

    Maestro directing!

  37. Kodachrome40


    22 hari yang lalu

    I remember seeing this in a theater and everyone screamed when the shark popped up.

  38. HypliX'


    23 hari yang lalu

    1975 gosh.. one of the first and definately the best shark movie of all time hands down

  39. MacSlater


    23 hari yang lalu

    I would argue 'the' greatest.

  40. Kalle K

    Kalle K

    23 hari yang lalu

    ... and that's how you make a classic movie oneliner 👍

  41. Robert McKenzie

    Robert McKenzie

    24 hari yang lalu

    Robert shaw , jaws

  42. FOOEL


    24 hari yang lalu


  43. frankie thomas

    frankie thomas

    25 hari yang lalu

    Possibly best motion picture ever made.

  44. BzeLL77


    25 hari yang lalu

    as much as i love the meg jaws is amazing and is one of my favourite movies. I knew about it since i was 5 and watched it later on when i got older. a great movie spliberg is movie genuis.

  45. LJ Man

    LJ Man

    28 hari yang lalu

    A true Classic ! They don't make like they use too . Talent Cut from a different Cloth

  46. KEA Productions

    KEA Productions

    28 hari yang lalu

    The first one is better than the rest of them

  47. ꧁ ꧁Anonymous꧂ ꧂

    ꧁ ꧁Anonymous꧂ ꧂

    29 hari yang lalu

    Show me the way to go home, I'm tired and I want to go to bed, I had a little drink bout an hour ago, and it went straight to my head

  48. Javier Macias

    Javier Macias

    29 hari yang lalu

    Jaws:rated PG. younger me:sure bout that

  49. Anitra Pav

    Anitra Pav

    29 hari yang lalu

    movieclips, you should do Captain America: The Winter Soldier

  50. Norville Rogers

    Norville Rogers

    Bulan Yang lalu

    A couple 50BMG's would've done the job.

  51. jeffrey iloncaie

    jeffrey iloncaie

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Love Roy Schneider.

  52. Sienna


    Bulan Yang lalu

    Ahhh I can’t stand watching this!!

  53. Nature Photography

    Nature Photography

    Bulan Yang lalu

    This kind of scene is what made older movies (1990s and before) special.

  54. Damian Szubski

    Damian Szubski

    Bulan Yang lalu


  55. iMan


    Bulan Yang lalu

    The animatronic actually malfunctioned after the scene

  56. Mark Marderosian

    Mark Marderosian

    Bulan Yang lalu

    What a treat this was seeing in the theaters with a packed audience its first week. The screaming during this scene! And whenever the avatar of death appeared, the people along my row were scrambling to keep their feet up, to the point of kicking the back of the seats in front of them in their attempt to keep their legs out of the "water."

  57. Joshua Witt

    Joshua Witt

    Bulan Yang lalu

    You will never get this generator operational and I will not have anything to do with a red team vegetarian

  58. Joshua Witt

    Joshua Witt

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Red team vegetarian with it? Nope

  59. Dan Charlton

    Dan Charlton

    Bulan Yang lalu

    My favorite movie...lightning in a bottle

  60. jayz p

    jayz p

    Bulan Yang lalu

    I nearly crapped in my pants when jaws emerged.. The Chief stole that scene with the 'Your Gonna Need A Bigger Boat' line🤭😂😂. Gonna need a nuclear sub for this 25footer Quinn.. 👀🤔💯💯