This truck has 397k.
Some friend I went to school with, bought the truck brand new and in 2003 they sold everything except for the truck and some items in the trailer and a little piece of land it sits on and they moved away. It was hard to get ahold of him because they moved accross the United States. So I bought a truck and the Forklift in one of the trailers. I don't know the reason for parking everything and moving away just to let it rot.


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    Mm Ssthats why we dont live in California

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    Just to any idiot picking on this man for bringing his babies on site and his older daughter etc. Sorry we're not all privileged brats. What do you think farmers do. Yah they don't send their kids to sissy day care. This man sounds like a good dad. Friendly, easy ,kind. Why would there be any negative comments.Adding to the comment. Maybe more parents should get their young ones out of the house and expose them to real life. You work and put value to a dollar. You fix things, not just throw them away. Most people buy a house a 30 plus year mortgage and think you own it. Doesn't sound at all that The older girl is a bit bothered by being with dad. And the boy happy and content eating his banana. All dressed, clean presentable. Being out in the country on a nice sunny day. I learned more about family values from this video than the starting of the old truck. Which was fun to watch. Old things coming anew. Those girls and boy will remember one day how dad included them, instead of kids playing on cell phones. My family died prematurely. I value this family relationship. The older girl will learn basic mechanical skills. Even more. Who cares if this man didn't do everything by the book. Should he have hired a diesel mechanic at a hundred plus an hour. I drive truck. The life is a miserable bitch often. This video is as real as life can be. On this memorial day 2020 remembering many people, I'm thinking about this family in the video. And he's drinking a beer. Like red blooded Americans do. Balancing, life, family and values. The little boy crying is precious. Like the big old truck is a monster. He'll grow up just fine in this family. Thankyou for the video. Made me think I was right there.

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    jack Jia

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  7. Karl Porath

    Karl Porath

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    Less than 400,000 miles? That's almost new. My last FLD had 1.8 million on it when my company forced me into a newer piece of crap .

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    Jesus Ernesto Ortiz Ortega

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    Josh Harten

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      Dmitry Tannill

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    Dylan Cole

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    Give a damns Busted

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      Preston Akins

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      Андрей Ертышенков

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    Dale Enns

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      shark507 Shark

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      @DarthMaul FLD на автошоу впервые показали в 1989, а в серию пошел в 1995. И выпускался кстати как минимум до 2009 - более поздние не попадались. По объявлениям о продаже в США ранее 1997 не попадались. Один раз было объявление 1994 года, но по VIN не стыковалось. Притом что FLC даже 1981 года полно. В фильме может выставочный образец был. В любом случае этот простоял ну ни как не 17 и даже далеко не 10.

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      shark507 Shark

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      shark507 Shark

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    • Bud Vegas

      Bud Vegas

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      Cuz I Can 🤣 the only thing electric was the lights and stereo, no cruise control, air wipers and windows, it had a tiny manual pump on the gear drive fuel pump, I would not let service techs use ether, WD-40 only, when a Mexican Pete driver would speed up to prevent me from passing I would get to 70 right next to his window and stuff it up in double over drive and gouge on it!

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    little wookiee

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    • Bud Vegas

      Bud Vegas

      25 hari yang lalu

      Emanuel, CF sold to Daimler-Benz in 81 now Daimler Chrysler and then CF closed their doors in 02 and shifted their accounts to their non union company Conway then Conway sold to UPS as their non union company and renamed it XPO, Brazil owns Budweiser, That 91 FDL silver aero was probably built at their new plant in Mexico they also own Western Star in Canada and Sterling in Detroit bought from Ford Truck division All of witch anyone around the world can buy stocks in, Central America is the melting pot, except it all around the world same song, I like my International owned by Peterbuilt.

    • Emanuel Namseth

      Emanuel Namseth

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